Learning to Spin Thin

I am learning to spin. I decided in March that I had way too much wool just sitting around so I decided to try spinning. My first couple of days were not fun. I went through about a pound of wool. I even tried to stuff the wool into the orifice. Who knew tension could be such a problem? After the first pound of fiber I started to see something that resembled gray earth worms!

IMG_8415 (640x427)

Ahhhhh!!! Yarn!

It was as thick as a pencil and coiled but at least it held together. I filled a bobbin and was so excited. It’s not usable but it’s yarn! I spent hours and hours spinning or watching videos about spinning. I read about spinning. I dreamt about spinning. I want to be spinning.

This past month I received a Ply magazine titled “Fine”  in my July Spinning Box. (spinningbox.com – check it out!) I’ve read it cover to cover and some of it twice. So I challenged myself to learn how to spin fine. Going towards lace weight. It is much harder than I thought. The thread keeps breaking. My legs are so tired, my hands have started to cramp, and my hips are aggravated but I spun thinner. I have a long way to go to get to lace weight.


IMG_8411 (640x427)

I’m taking a break to let my body heal so I’m spinning cotton (thin!) on a tahkli spindle! Works a whole different set of muscles.