What I’ve learned from knitting socks….

I’ve been reading a lot of posts and seeing a lot of pictures of people who knit socks. Their socks are beautiful! How hard can it be? They knit on a plane, they knit in a car, they knit standing in line at the grocery store, they knit two at a time, they knit from the top down and from the toe up, they knit solids, stripes and colorwork. Starting to feel like the start of a Dr. Seuss book!

So I dipped my toe in the sock water. I started just before Christmas and I can say I have knit just over 8 pairs (I can say just over because some of my socks don’t have a mate). I’ve knit different techniques, learned new stitches, tried out new yarns….

So what have I learned?

I do like to knit socks! My granddaughter Kaylee does not like hand-knit socks however I don’t think she likes socks of any kind. I’ve learned that I need to learn how to knit a gauge first as so far NONE of my socks are very wearable. They are pretty to look at! If you are going to knit multiple colors you should probably switch the colors more randomly than I did…..I have a line where you can see all the color changes! Alpaca fiber gets bigger and bigger as it stretches. I have socks the Jolly Green Giant can wear! Needle size really does matter!!! Socks are not as complicated as they seem. A lace pattern in the sock is beautiful but very time consuming and one stitch off changes the whole pattern.

Well back to socks…..practice makes perfect. I’m going to wear my misshapen, slightly too big at the top and too small at the bottom socks and be proud to say that no one else has a pair like these!