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The Next Generation for Fiber Artists and Wood Crafters


I love to share my LOVE of fiber with anyone who is interested but I have a captive audience! GRANDCHILDREN! Mark loves for the children to come to his wood shop to learn about wood and building things too.

We have a total of 8 grandchildren with two of them living less than a mile from the house so we get to spend A LOT of time with them and they love to be in the wool room with me. Kaylee, 6, and Max, 4, are budding Fiber Artists. Both have their own ideas of what looks good in batts.

Kaylee loves to add lots, and lots, and lots and then just a little more sparkle in her batts. She also comes up with unique (and bizarre) names for all of her fiber. She has been known to climb into my box of wool scraps and roll around. I think she’s a lot like me and loves to smell and feel the wool. She is also interested in learning to spin and spends time working her yarn in and out of the spinning wheel. She informed me that the look on her face was not an angry look but a look of concentration.

Max on the other hand is more subdued and likes to draft and stretch the fibers. He loves to watch the machines and touch everything on them. He learned the hard way recently not to put his fingers around the belt to the carder. Max names his batts after people – cracks me up!

Further up the road we have Schuyler, 10, and Brailey, 6, who also love fiber. “OH MY GOSH” is a term that I hear a lot when they are working with me. They’ve been able to make batts to make scarves and have needle-felted little gnomes. Pop-Pop was a little nervous when they were using the needles and Schuyler found out the hard way that the needles really hurt! I can’t wait until they have more time to spend with us learning this craft. Schuyler has also been in the wood shop and has turned an ink pen on the lathe.

Snow Day, Mouse, Scarves 014 (427x640)

Daniel, 11, lives further away so we don’t get to see him as often but when he comes he likes to be in the workshop with Grandpa. He spent some time this summer building gifts for each of his family members. He has an amazing knack at following directions and putting stuff together. He put together all the shelves for the fiber room!!!

My nephew Tim, 11, also likes to be in the wool! He loves colors and design. He’s one I can call and he’ll come help me with the fiber. He has made several batts which I’ve spun into yarn to make him a winter hat and he’s designed a batt that we wet-felted into a lovely, colorful scarf. He too has needle-felted a gnome and seemed to have a great time doing it.

I enjoy watching the children’s faces as they watch piles of wool turn into something recognizable! As time progresses I hope to be able to have them playing more active roles in the wool room and soon in Grandpa’s workshop working on wood projects.