July 2018 Spinning Box “Brrr….It’s Cold”


In some worlds “ping” might be a wonderful sound but when you are weaving “ping” becomes a crisis. I’m new to weaving and have successfully woven a few scarves with little trouble so I thought I would tackle something new – commercial wool yarn. I had been weaving with a commercial cotton warp and my handspun yarns but found an inexpensive wool “single” (which I really didn’t realize was a single until “ping”) and a thick and thin that coordinated. I knew enough not to use the thick and thin as the warp but commercial yarn should be strong enough for a warp – right?

Also I had not finished watching all the weaving lessons that I’m going through and I jumped right in and warped the loom and began to weave. I have an 8 dent rigid heddle. So off I go weaving and weaving and weaving. Now I did notice that I had a little trouble with the tension. It felt very (very) tight when I was raising and lowering the heddle but that’s normal – or so I thought.

As I was weaving I began to notice that the warp threads were getting fuzzy and sticking but I had read or seen or heard that this could happen???? About 8 inches in there was a “ping” but I didn’t pay that much attention and kept on weaving then something didn’t look right. There was an end sticking up where I didn’t put it. After some investigation I found a broken warp string. No problem. I had read that you could fix that so off the loom and back to the books, videos and Pintrest. Fixed the problem easy enough and back to weaving. I should mention that I did set the loom aside for several days while I thought about whether to take this project off and start over – I’m so glad I didn’t because restringing would not have helped me figure out how I caused this problem.

So back to my weaving on my incredibly tight warp – I was so proud of my tension. I just knew I had warped this one right!!!! About 3 inches later “ping”, “ping”, “ping”…….

Not a problem I know how to fix a broken warp string! Fixed and back to weaving…..”ping”. Now I was getting frustrated. I really didn’t want to spend all of my time fixing when I wanted to be weaving (but do you think I watched the rest of the video?)

Weaving a little…..”ping” a little.

So I finally watched the rest of the video about tying up your warp and creating your shed and the light bulb came on and I realized what I had done wrong….besides using the wrong size heddle and the wrong type of yarn for the warp. I didn’t raise the heddle when I was tying off and was putting undo stress on the yarn in the holes and abrading it with every beat!

Scarf is now finished and not too bad looking and I don’t panic when I break a warp thread. I also raise the heddle to create a nice shed. I’m sure I’ll hear “ping” in the future but I hope it means I have mail!

IMG_0213 (640x427) IMG_0215 (640x427) IMG_0219 (640x427)

August Spinning Box

I want to give a special shout out to Camaj Fiber Arts and Spinning Box for this month’s Spinning Box “Under the Sea”. If you are a spinner and want to check out different fibers from different vendors go to http://spinningbox.com/ and/or http://camajfiberarts.com/ for more information.

Look what was stuffed in my August Spinning Box
Look what was stuffed in my August Spinning Box

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary for several months and have had my fibers in the June and August boxes and will be in the November boxes. Being relatively new to spinning I have not had the opportunity to spin a lot of different fibers and preparations and this has been a great learning experience. These boxes give you a taste and leaves you wanting more!

IMG_8645 (640x427) IMG_8644 (640x427) IMG_8643 (640x427) IMG_8641 (640x427) Up close - Check this out on Camaj Fiber Arts IMG_8639 (640x427) IMG_8637 (640x427) IMG_8634 (640x427) IMG_8631 (640x427) IMG_8628 (640x427) IMG_8627 (640x427) IMG_8625 (640x427) IMG_8622 (640x427) IMG_8621 (640x427)

See you all later! I’m off to spin!!!!