Turkey Pot Call Friction Slate/Slate (Muddy Girl Camo)

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Compare the MK Unique Designs call to other high-dollar slate calls on the market and realize that you got it right this time. This pot and Slate Sound Board With Pennsylvania slate is the easiest surface to use and produces authentic turkey sounds. It is capable of reproducing the turkey language from yelps all the way to the most subtle purrs with this striker. The quality craftsmanship we put into this call is unparalleled at any price. With a maple striker and a hickory dowel.

To use this call:

  • Yelping – Make small circles 1/2” to 1” in length. Some people prefer making a “J” shape.
  • Clucking – Pull the peg toward you about 1/8” to 1” with light pressure.
  • Purring – Pull the peg toward you in a half-circle with light pressure.
  • Cutting or Cackling – Pull the peg toward you 1/4” to 3/8”.
  • To achieve proper turkey sound, apply more pressure to peg
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