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I’ve been filming the opening of my spinning box from for a while now and I’ve had multiple challenges over the years. First one was what do you use? Tried my computer and my camera…..okay results. Then bought a nice little video recorder and that created a very nice video but the lighting was off… I tried various ways to create adequate lighting….and final decided that outside in natural light was the best. That decision led to another problem!

I live next to a trucking company and on a busy highway. On to sound. I tried two different microphones but they only intermittently worked and as anyone who has seen any of the latest videos knows…..I’ve not had sound. Since you can only have ONE box opening there has been no going back for a redo so I kept on looking for a solution. This video I used an “interview” microphone. I have it hung in front of me (hoping to drown out the lawnmowers that seem to be out whenever I want to film).

Let me know how it sound!


Facebook Rules

Screenshot_20171021-134822Who knew that this above Facebook post would cause me so much drama today?  I created what I thought was an innocent little post to sell off some fibers quickly. Usually I don’t try to sell on Facebook – every group seems to have a lot of rules. Too many for my brain to understand but after a week off work I thought I could tackle this! How hard could it be??

I created my post and then I shared it to a Facebook group. Yeah me! Yes I read the rules first…I was selling something – check. No links in ad – check. I had the item in my possession – check. I had a site for fiber – check. I remembered to put in the price – check. I was confident that I could figure out how to invoice and get paid – check. I had enough – check.

What could possibly go wrong???????

First a notice from the admin to remove the link to my business….. hhhhmmmm……don’t know how to do that. Matter of fact I didn’t know what they meant. So I took down that post and put it on my page and then linked to the Group. So I’m set! Right?

So I go ahead and post to two other sites. Read their rules and all seem to be okay!

Then I get a message that my original post has been pulled down because I broke another rule. Back to the rules I went: my stuff, my site, priced, description, picture…..

Apparently I couldn’t post in the original group if the price was the same for another site…okay…..not really understanding but back to the rules……there it is right in the beginning of the pinned post. So now I had a choice. Raise the price for the other sites or not post in the original group.

I must be honest I really thought about writing to the person who kept messaging me a lengthy missive about how stupid that last rule really was. I didn’t understand really. I was selling at rock bottom prices and if I put it higher on another site the bad side of me wanted to add – “you can buy it cheaper from me in another group.” But reason prevailed and I just removed my posts except from the one site. I couldn’t handle figuring out MORE rules for the other groups.

So how do you do posing in groups?? Do the rules drive you crazy? How do you respond when the admin admonishes you for breaking the rules?

Thanks for letting me rant a little bit!   Kerry


What I’ve learned from knitting socks….

I’ve been reading a lot of posts and seeing a lot of pictures of people who knit socks. Their socks are beautiful! How hard can it be? They knit on a plane, they knit in a car, they knit standing in line at the grocery store, they knit two at a time, they knit from the top down and from the toe up, they knit solids, stripes and colorwork. Starting to feel like the start of a Dr. Seuss book!

So I dipped my toe in the sock water. I started just before Christmas and I can say I have knit just over 8 pairs (I can say just over because some of my socks don’t have a mate). I’ve knit different techniques, learned new stitches, tried out new yarns….

So what have I learned?

I do like to knit socks! My granddaughter Kaylee does not like hand-knit socks however I don’t think she likes socks of any kind. I’ve learned that I need to learn how to knit a gauge first as so far NONE of my socks are very wearable. They are pretty to look at! If you are going to knit multiple colors you should probably switch the colors more randomly than I did…..I have a line where you can see all the color changes! Alpaca fiber gets bigger and bigger as it stretches. I have socks the Jolly Green Giant can wear! Needle size really does matter!!! Socks are not as complicated as they seem. A lace pattern in the sock is beautiful but very time consuming and one stitch off changes the whole pattern.

Well back to socks…..practice makes perfect. I’m going to wear my misshapen, slightly too big at the top and too small at the bottom socks and be proud to say that no one else has a pair like these!

Fiber from my Spinning Boxes from

I’ve been getting Monthly Spinning Boxes from since it began almost 3 years ago! I love the fiber submissions from all the fiber artists. Occasionally I spin the entire box into one skein and at other times I put the like colors together to make a more cohesive colored yarn. Lately I’ve been saving up the fibers from various artists and spinning all of their fibers together. This has been quite an experience. I get similar fibers but lots of color in the yarn. I recently documented one spin in photos:


I spun up over 5 ounces of fiber from several different spinning boxes. I looked for fibers that would coordinate with each other. 20170604_104334

I spun up two bobbins and plied them together:


After that I knitted up two shawl/scarves: