It’s Been A While

I have been really busy the last couple of weeks getting the website up and running. Then changing and rechanging and then changing again to get the look and feel we wanted. Not there yet! Almost….but not quite. I have met some amazing people (well not met but chatted) through WordPress Online Help. Sometimes when I’m asking my question in my non-technical lingo I wonder what they must be thinking.

I’ve been learning a little bit. I know not to play too much in the CSS. I don’t know what a CSS is or what it does but I know to be careful. ( I think that’s the code section but I could be wrong). Back to lingo….yesterday I was on the chat with Gracie and I wanted the white spot above the picture to be smaller. Go figure you have to write code for that! I thought you could just click with your mouse and pull the picture up.

Well in all my modifications I lost my blog page and when I found it (thanks to Jackie) it’s all dark unless you click on the blog itself. I’m leaving that drama for another day.

I have a couple of blog ideas in the works and am going to be doing a “Meet the Artist” once I get some good pictures to go along with it. There however are not enough hours in the day for all I need/want to get done.

Today I did take a little me time and went to a local spinning group where I met 5 ladies who love wool and spinning as much as I do! It was so relaxing to just get away and listen to the stories of these remarkable ladies. I can’t wait until next month when I escape the business and run away for a couple of hours. Maybe they’ll let me introduce them to you!

Author: mkuniquedesigns

I am an actively Christian business owner. My family's mission is to "feed the hungry children". We donate 10% of all sales currently to our local food bank through our church with hopes as the business grows so will our ability to expand our outreach.

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